Legacy Of Discord community
Legacy Of Discord community

Arena-PvP mode in the game. Arena in the game Legacy of Discord appears at level 25 and is located in the PvP section at the top of the main screen. In the Arena you face another player and fight one on one. It is victory in this mode will raise you in the ranking table and bring great rewards. Every day you can start 5 fights for free. Also for extra battles you can use the coupons PvP. The number of available attempts is updated daily at 05:00. 

Selection of opponents is similar to the Battle Rating-usually you will receive opponents with a similar rating (differences can be within about 10% of your rating in any direction). But keep in mind that the Battle Rating does not necessarily reflect the real abilities of the enemy — sometimes good players are able to use their character so that they are able to defeat a hero with a much higher rating.

In the arena, you can choose manual or automatic combat mode. If a defender with a higher rating loses to an attacker with a lower rating, the ratings of the parties change. If the fight is over and both participants are still alive, the victory is awarded to the defender. After the battle, the attacker gets the points of the battle and the timer starts recovery.

The rating is calculated at 22: 00 every day, and the awards for the rating are sent to the players in the rating (the first 10 000) by mail.