Pets are the guardians of the player, they always follow the player, protect him, and accompany him in battle. The activation function is available from level 25 of the player. There are 5 types of pets quality:

  • Gorgeous (Gold)
  • Mythical (Red)
  • Legendary (Yellow-orange)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Rare (Blue)


Pets are collected using fragments, these fragments the player can get in several ways:

  • Shop for wild shower (Box of ice and fire)
  • Treasure hunt(only Drama parts)
  • Various promotions and events
  • Reward for entering the game 
  • Buy some for diamonds in daily events 
  • Buy for 1K diamonds mysterious chest with Pets (opens once a week) 
  • Buy for Guild Gold in the Guild shop, or get a Guild Companion in the slot machine 
  • Buy diamonds in a mysterious shop 
  • Animals Sinnar and CL3-Ver1 can be purchased for donation, although fragments of Sindora can fall out when you open the chests in the expedition on a high difficulty and now out of the box for 1K diamonds.


Pets can be upgraded by pets stones. These stones have 3 qualities: blue, purple and orange (the best). The stones are mined in the dungeons of the resources in the shop of wild souls in the Guild shop. Satellites can also be fortified using the stones of the fortifications.

Satellites can evolve (improve rank), the evolution of the satellites gives a huge increase to points of strength and characteristics. To develop a satellite, you need fragments of the satellite, each time more and more. Each companion can be upgraded to 6 ranks, changing the size and appearance of the pet.Some fragments of satellites available only through events that use diamonds.

Each satellite has a relationship, giving the owner a permanent bonus.

You can have an unlimited number of pets, but only one of them will run after the player.

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