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Sorceress - one of the four classes of characters.


The type of battle sorceress - far, so she can't immediately deal with large groups of enemies. Sorceress requires some time to prepare, so the damage from the skills is applied a second after activation. 


The standard attack of the witch hits farther and faster than anyone else-she throws three ice cards, dissecting enemies. The damage from this attack is not very great. Skills of the witch although recovered longer, but cause much more damage.  

The first skill

Teleports the witch and pierces enemies summoned crystal.

Second skill

Summon a frost wyrm that deals massive damage to enemies 

The third skill

Ice ball, with a fairly large radius of destruction 

Ultimate ability

Ultimate ability sorceress - summon a huge circle of dark blue mirrors, between which are worn sharp pieces of ice

The history of the character(official description)

"Aurora, give me your strength! 

Sorceress - a unique force of nature. At the time of her birth, all the stars lined up and brought her the gift of control over the ancient secret energies. Making it a caster, which was foretold the battle against evil to free the Aurora from his grip. 

When she was an ordinary young girl, her impoverished parents entrusted her With the order of the quiet Crow. They hoped that their daughter would receive a proper education and would not know her true destiny. The girl got a job as a cleaner, and she worked tirelessly in the kitchen and spending time there, watching the wizards doing their art. 

Soon she began her own experiments. Waiting until everyone is asleep, and then practiced in the kitchen in the imposition of a powerful spell. Once secret energy violated the very nature of towers, in which lived the Order. 

As the great Council pondered what might have caused this commotion, the eldest of the order realized that it was her. Knowing this, the Order wanted to experiment her powers and did not allow her to develop her skills, he pulled her out and got a job in a local tavern. He regularly came to teach her, although she soon realized that she was teaching him. 

When she was ready, she left the tavern to the East, where she fought a powerful giant who terrorized the village of Idriel. She met him in the open fields, ignoring his might and size, and launched a barrage of icy projectiles that knocked him down in one blow. Thus, she freed the village, getting a safe place to hone their skills. 

Now she has gone to the heavenly city, feeling that evil has awakened, that an attack is imminent. It always destined to fight!»