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Legacy Of Discord community

Wrathwings, or Wings, is a feature that is unlocked upon reaching level 13 in character progression. The tutorial will guide you through the process of obtaining your first set.

Wrathwings are very similar to pets, and equipment, as they can be upgraded, unlocked, and evolved to further increase a character's Battle Rating. A character's first set of Wings are free and easy to obtain, to gather new sets players spend Honor gathered from PvP activities to purchase Wing Fragments. Wing Fragments for many Purple quality sets, are often only obtainable through events, use of Diamonds, or also in small amounts with the guild pet function.

Each new set of Wings requires a predetermined amount of Fragments to activate, normally this value is between 20-80 Fragments, players can find the value of the specific amount of Fragments required by searching in the Wrathwing menu.

Wings may also be evolved, this function opens up at Player Level 54, players gather extra fragments and Evolve their wings, increasing their Attributes, also increasing Battle Rating.

Currently Wrathwings represent one of the greatest increases in potential BR a player can obtain. The fastest way to increase a player's Battle Rating early in a player's career is by obtaining new sets of Wings that share bonuses with their current sets. For example, both Strider and Requiem share bonuses at level 1 and 20.

Unlike Pets, a player may choose to wear any set of wings they desire without affecting their Battle Rating. Wings share their Battle Rating across the entire feature, so fear not about investing burning souls early on in your first set of Wings.